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iDon’t but Droid does

28 October 2009

On June 29th, 2007, the world was introduced to the most versatile and revolutionary mobile device ever created.  The iPhone, from Apple, changed the realms of mobile phones and data devices by merging the two in a sexy, chrome accented, technological marvel.  In the last two years the iPhone has maintained it’s edge despite every competitors attempt to dethrone it.



Many have tried, few have been memorable. An even fewer have had a marginal impact on Apple as the leader of the mobile device industry.  Devices like the Blackberry Storm, Voyager, EnV, and Samsung’s Behold were intended to be the “iPhone killer” but none were successful.  The more recent competitors have been more afluent; The Palm Pre, for example.  The most successful devices when competing with the iPhone have been the HTC Dream (or “G1”) and the HTC Magic (or myTouch), both powered by Google’s Android Operating System (OS).

The G1 launched in the United States in October of 2008 as the first smartphone that ran the new Android OS by the technology powerhouse, Google.  Android was the first serious competitor to Apple’s operating system.  However, though it is arguably superior in some ways, “iPhone” had become a household name which continued to draw in the masses.  In the summer of 2009, T-mobile launched the “myTouch 3G” which also runs the Android OS and allowed Google to reinforce their reputation.

Google will soon overcome Apple as the world’s leading mobile OS.  The biggest reason being that the Android OS is now running on multiple devices on multiple carriers.  The most notable use of Android is still to come;

In eight days Verizon will launch Droid.  You may have seen their ads, below, on television over the summer.

Verizon is clearly getting more aggressive with Apple and with good reason.  Droid will be the first device, aside from the iPhone, to utilize multi-touch technology which is the last area in which the iPhone holds a technological advantage.  In every other category, from a dispassionate perspective, Droid’s specifications are better, faster, larger, and have more bells and whistles. Take for example, the dual LED flash, iPhone doesn’t just lack one flash but two.



Droid also boasts twice the screen resolution (854×420 compared to Apple’s 480×320), a light sensor accelerometer, a proximity sensor, GPS support with transceiver, capacitive touchscreen, 5 mega-pixel camera with detail enhancing resolution options, an open development platform, an interchangeable battery, the world’s thinnest full QWERTY keyboard, a speedy Cortex A8 ARM Processor (allowing processing speeds up to 50% faster than the iPhone), and first dibs on the newest incarnation of Google’s OS – Android 2.0.

Android has boasted more built-in options than Apple’s OS since it’s introduction (customization, widgets, etc) and Android 2.0 is promising to raise the bar again.  The most talked about improvement is the Speech Recognition function.  Android’s current speech recognition software is efficient but provides limited access to the device’s functions.  In version 2.0, one will be able to simply say, “Directions to Santa Monica” and Droid will respond by opening Google Maps, determining your route, and providing a turn-by-turn 3D map that is more like the popular GPS service Garmin than it is finding directions on a computer.


Android Logo

For the first time, a smartphone will have better technology installed and better software then the iPhone.  Perhaps this will inspire Apple to begin innovating again or perhaps this will again revolutionize the smartphone industry.

In any case, Verizon has already begun working with Motorola on two more smartphones featuring Android.  These, in addition to the 18 phone models that already run Android, are ensuring that Google becomes the dominant name in mobile devices. It seems as though an Android army is imminent.

Droid is due to release in the US on November 5th, 2009.

  1. 28 October 2009 757

    Another area iPhone dominates accessories and media. Google would need a competitive alternative to iTunes for media downloads, games, android updates, I’m also curious about the battery life, and accessories available for these phones.

    These are areas where other so called iPhone killers have failed. I like what I see but in truth Mac’s trendiness wont go down easy.

    • 28 October 2009 816

      Google has been partnered with Amazon since Android was released… Amazon is the number 2 retailer of MP3’s, second to Apple… but you can bet as more phones use android, more people will use amazon.

  2. 28 October 2009 905

    Droid will be the first device, aside from the iPhone, to utilize multi-touch technology which is the last area in which the iPhone holds a technological advantage.

    The Palm Pre has multi-touch, as do all the rooted Android phones out there.

    • 28 October 2009 1023

      Apples holds the pattent on multi-touch. The pre, g1 (which I’m typing on now), and g2 all use single touch interface.. meaning it registers only 1 touch at a time. Iphones, and soon droid, recognize 2 touches at a time making the ‘pinch’ gesture possible.

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