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Give Thanks For Thanksgiving!

26 November 2009

It’s Thanksgiving and I’ve got a list of things I’m thankful for:

1. My home.  There are more than 100 million people worldwide who do not have the luxury of a warm, sheltered, personal space to sleep at night.

2. As quick as I am to point out every flaw I find in our system, I am thankful to be an American.  While there are many countries that are better-off, there are far more countries that surround it’s people in the blanket of oppression.

3.  My family.  This morning I awoke and read over Facebook, as I do every morning, and discovered a friend had posted the most appropriate quote: “A family, though not a necessity, is the ultimate luxury.”  Even though I can’t be with any of them today, my thoughts are with them in Pittsburgh, PA.  “Family” also includes my dearest friends; You know who you are.

My buddy, Odo.

4.  Odo!  Odo is the best friend anyone could ask for.

5.  South Beach.  Every morning when I walk Odo around the art deco buildings beneath the always immaculate sky, I often think to myself “I can’t think of anywhere else I’d rather be.”

6.  My youth. (or what remains of it.)

7.  Graduating college.  I was the first in my family to attend and graduate from college.  It was an opportunity I wish I’d taken more seriously at the time… but in the end I completed it successfully.

8.  The US Navy.  It’s been many years since I was enlisted, but all those years ago I was able to do and see more in 3 years than most people do in their entire lives.

The US Navy

9.  World knowledge.  This relates to the Navy; I’m grateful that I got to see, first hand, how so many other culture live their lives.  It opened my mind to things I hadn’t previously thought possible.

10.  Social services.  In this difficult economy, jobs have been hard to come by.  As a result I’ve been “unemployed” for a number of months.  If it weren’t for democratic social services such as food assistance, I wouldn’t be here to write this today.

11.  The election of Barack Obama.  Had John McCain won the election, our lives would be very different.

12.  The green movement.  It’s nice to see that eco-friendly lifestyles are becoming more commonplace.  On that note, recycle all that plastic you’re undoubtedly using at the dinner table today.

13.  Having lived everywhere.  This is due to the Navy again; When my parents were enlisted I never lived anywhere longer than the 3.5 years I was in Lexington, KY.  I’ve lived in FL, GA, NC, DC, IL, NY, ME, CT, and about 20 other places. In 4 more months, I will have lived in Miami Beach longer.

14.  This blog.  Before starting this blog I had so many thoughts locked away inside of me and didn’t know how to get them out.

15.  I mentioned friends before but number 15 is reserved for David, Walter, Derric, Johnny, TJ, Laura, David, Tim, and Cesar.

16.  Opposing points of view.  Without them, the world would be an incredible dull place.

17.  Netflix.

18.  The many states that have been extending recognized equality to gay and lesbian people.

19.  My scooter may have tiny wheels, but I’m thankful for it all the same.

20.  I’m thankful for having the most versatile and common blood type, O-positive.

21.  Marijuana.  It’s the only thing that gets me to bed before 4am.

22.  The 21st amendment to the constitution.  (If you don’t know it.)

23.  The internet.  It’s possibly man greatest achievement and without it I’d be far less informed.

24. T-mobile.  By the end of January they will have the fastest wireless network in the country.  (Until Verizon’s faster network debuts in 2011)

25.  People who speak English as a second language.  It’s just adorable.

I intend to update this list as the day progresses.  Are you especially thankful for something?  Leave a comment and tell me what it is.


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