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Adam Hood

21 June 2010

Check out Adam Hood.  While he seems adamant about what he is saying, scarfs don’t lie.  Neither do over-the-top ultra-queeny whispering voices.  Does he really think anyone is buying this?

Adam apparently found salvation amidst a dark chapter in his life; heroine addiction, sex for money, etc.

It seems odd to me that we never hear of ex-gays who are clean, successful and happy.  I can think of possibly 20 ex-gays who have tragic and tumultuous pasts.  Not one who had a career, a loving home environment, lacked a drug addiction, or didn’t show prior signs of mental illness.

If it’s only those with gigantic issues who become ex-gay, it makes me wonder how immoral these religious cults are; preying on the vulnerable, the helpless, the lost.

I can think of a hundred gay men and lesbian women who do not have drug issues, mental illness, and are altogether stand-up human beings.  None of them have recoiled into the closet under the guise of spirituality.  …a spirituality, I might add, seemingly based entirely on hate and fear.

I can recall a number of other Bible verses which would seem to apply; Verses such as Matthew 7:1 – “Judge not lest ye be judged,” for example.  Then there are the less directly applicable but equally absurd verses – like those suggesting it’s acceptable to marry off your daughter to their rapist, or wearing a zipper is punishable by death, or that a woman was made from the rib bone of a man.

So, Adam, I’m sorry but i’m calling shenanigans on you.  What you say is not relevant and, dare I say, neither is the way you site your source.  One can not effectively justify choosing to have faith in the verses you agree with while actively dismissing those you do not.

Besides, doesn’t Adam Hood sound like a gay porn stars name?


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