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More Faux News

14 July 2012

Watch as Fox News convinces millions that not only is making 5x the average annual American income not “rich” BUT ALSO that the President is the one who won’t compromise. Yes. This from the same party that has voted no on every meaningful bill to pass through the house and senate since 2009 – even the bills that they originally penned.

You know who makes $250,000/yr+? The very Congresspersons who will vote against saving the economy. The very same people who fly on private jets to campaign stops. The same people who voted against giving you healthcare options while enjoying tax payer subsidized healthcare.

It’s disturbing to think that, undoubtedly, millions of people (who make less than $30,000/yr) will see this and fall in line.

Yes, these “experts” are middle class. They’re just like you. Trust them, they have your best interests at heart.


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