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The Annual War On Christmas

27 November 2012

Now that you’ve finally escaped those incessant political ads and gobbled that turkey, it’s time to settle in for the annual War On Christmas brought to you by Fox News Channel.

Starting just before Thanksgiving, Fox kicked off the 2012 season.  Here’s a  compilation from TPM showcasing a period of just one week.

Here’s another video, this time from an online show, in which the “expert” equates 178 million people to 80% of the US’s population: WOC on FNC

On Fox & Friends we’ve seen kids posing with AK-47’s, unwarranted attacks on elementary schools, and on The Five we’ve seen derisive attacks on the President over the name of a tree that he had no involvement with.

I keeping with the War On Christmas tradition, Jon Stewart follows up with his own take on the WOC. In 2010, he exposed The Gretch Who Saved The War On Christmas.   In 2011, he engaged in some historical fact checking. He was also responded to by Fox.

Any predicitions for 2012?


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