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This blog, The Modern Baalim, is a place where I focus my political ideas.   It’s inspired by the fact that an overwhelming majority of Americans do not trust their government.  It is common place among many Americans to demonize the federal government – and perhaps rightfully so.

Many generations ago “Baalim” was a term used for “Master” and was eventually adopted in slang form to mean “false God” or “demon.”  When I discovered the origin of the democratic donkey was from a political cartoon called “The Modern Baalim and his Ass” – I knew I had found the title for the blog I’d always wanted to write.

Within the pages of this blogs you’ll most likely find entries about corruption, stupidity, overt discrimination, social injustices, heroism, and more.

Thanks for reading the blog and please feel free to share it with your friends!

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  1. herrmannj permalink
    12 October 2009 824

    Thanks for introducing this to me! This is all so new. I’ve got lots to learn.

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